Neighborhood Crime Prevention

The Community Noteworthy Reports

To see what is happening in our community as far as crimes against persons and property crimes, click Link to The Community Noteworthy Reports.

Community Sector Crime Reports for Sector 413:

February, 2010 Crime Report

January, 2010 Crime Report

December, 2009 Crime Report

November, 2009 Crime Report

October, 2009 Crime Report

July, 2009 Crime Report

June, 2009 Crime Report

April, 2009 Crime Report

March, 2009 Crime Report

February, 2009 Crime Report

Contacts and Important Numbers

Etablishing a Neighborhood Watch

A good neighbor is one of the best crime prevention tools to prevent crime in your neighborhood. Neighbors working together in cooperation with law enforcement are the basis of the Neighborhood Watch program. If you are interested in being involved in a neighborhood watch program, please contact the Association today.

General Tips

Coming Home Late at Night

Lighting Tips

Preventing House Invasions

Alarm Systems