National Night Out, 2007

Photos by Steve Hennessee and Vicki Mollenauer

National Night Out in Jackson Ward was again a big success! Thank you to all of you who volunteered . . . without you, the evening would not have been the success that it was. Thank you to: Larry, Bob, Steve and Max for getting the grill started and for cooking all that yummy food, Marilyn for helping to organize the activities, for bringing in the Library Program, and for selling t-shirts, Vicki for her organizational skills, Bob for all of his input, for helping to deliver the food, and for securing the grill, Steve for his incredible photography, Roi for his diligent cutting and serving of the watermelon, Leighton for all of her help with the chalk and hoola-hoops, Geraldine for chopping all those onions, procuring coolers at the last minute, and helping serve the food, Sharon for being in charge of set-up and serving, Pat for her help with the grill, Kelvin for the use of his grill, JoAnn for helping with the serving of the food, Bill for the tables, Janet for the watermelons and for being MC, Saretta for helping serve the food, City Lights and HJWA for sponsoring the event, and to Choe's Market for donating all of the hot dogs, hamburgers, buns, drinks and ice.

The police and fire units were in attendance throughout the evening, and we were really pleased to have our new Lieutenant, Lisa Drew, with us for most of the event. Tables were sponsored by the American Red Cross, Technology Resource Connections, and ACDC. Everyone seemed to have a great time talking to neighbors, dancing, showing their artistic talent on the sidewalks, and showing their agility with hoola-hoops. If you didn't make it this year, we'll be back again next year, and it really is fun, so join us!

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