National Night Out, 2008

Photos by Vicki Mollenauer and Steve Hennessee

The 25th Anniversary of National Night Out was celebrated with gusto here in Historic Jackson Ward on Tuesday, August 5th in Abner Clay Park. Aided by volunteers from City Lights, the evening was a huge success! There were horses, a DJ, hoola hoops, bubbles, sidewalk art, karate demonstrations, Richmond Public Library children's activities, games, dancing, food, freebies, and more. We also had the honor of celebrating with many of our neighbors, local firefighters, and local police as we showed our support for the safety of our neighborhood. Special thanks to Bob Wheatley, Marilyn Milio, Liza Steele, Steve Hennessee, Larry Forrest, Kelvin Hanson, Leighton Powell, Janet Armstead, Pat Smith, Lynne Lancaster, Julie Hassen, Sharon Richardson, Angela Wilkes, Pam Arenas, Tom from Capital One, Tom Robinson, Andrea Wright, Alex Wright, Lauren Wright, Tonya Roebuck, Choe's Market, Lt. Lisa Drew, Tripp Longest, Bill McGee and Charles Finley for all their help to make National Night Out, 2008 in Jackson Ward so much fun for everyone.

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