Frequently Asked Questions

Here is your very own reference page for questions that are often asked in the Jackson Ward Community. If you have questions that you would like to appear here with answers, please contact us.

What is the contact information for the HJWA office?

The HJWA address is P.O. Box 26137, Richmond, VA 23260. The phone number is 644-4305.

Who is on the Board of the HJWA Association?

Charles Finley, President
Leighton Powell, Vice President
Vicki Mollenauer, Treasurer
Kendra Riddick, Secretary
Donna Alleyne, Board Member
Lynne Lancaster, Board Member
Janet Armstead, Board Member
Jack Marshall, Board Member
Julius Richardson, Board Member
Demmie Murray, Board Memeber

Where and when are the HJWA meetings, and how do I join?

The Historic Jackson Ward Association monthly business meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM at Club 533, which is located at the corner of West Jackson Street and Third Street. All are welcome! Membership dues are $10.00 for individuals and $20.00 for businesses, but you do not have to be a member to attend meetings. So, come join us and see what's happening in Jackson Ward! If you would like to download and print the "Membership Application", click on Membership Application. You can bring it to a meeting and give it to Pat Smith, our Treasurer. If you have any questions, please call the office at 644-4305 or go to the "Contact Us" page of this website to send us an email.

Where can I direct someone who needs help for the homeless?

There are ten top organizations for homeless intervention and prevention in Richmond. They are as follows:

Where is the Black History Museum located?

The Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia is located at 00 Clay Street. Phone: (804)780-9093. Email: To find out information about the museum, visit their website at

How do I find the local libraries in the area?

The main branch of the Richmond Public Library system is located at 101 East Franklin Street, Richmond, VA 23219. You can call them at (804)646-7223 or visit their website for details about their hours and other branches. Their website is

What is First Fridays, and how do I learn more about this monthly event?

First Fridays is Richmond's cultural artwalk and is held each First Friday of the month. To find out more information about this popular event, go to

How do I contact the city about building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and other construction permits and/or inspections?

Contact The Bureau of Permits and Inspections at (804)646-6955 or visit their website at

How do I report dilinquent structures/property in the area?

Contact CAPS (Community Assisted Public Safety) at (804)646-2277. Their address is 900 E. Broad Street, Rm. G-12, City Hall, Richmond, VA 23219. Email: Or, you can visit their website at

How do I contact the Police Department?

The Richmond Police Department is located at 200 West Grace Street, Richmond, Virginia 23220. Call 911 if you have an emergency. For Non-emergency situations, call (804)646-5100. Additionally, we are located in Sector 413, and our new lieutenant is Lieutenant Lisa Drew. If you need her direct assistance, call her at (804)646-4239 or email her at You can also visit the police website at

How do I contact Public Utilities about Natural Gas,Water, or Public Street Light issues?

Call (804)644-3000. Customer service representatives are available to answer questions from 8 am - 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. You can also visit their website at

Where do I register to vote?

Call (804)646-5950 for information. Voter registration takes place at City Hall, 900 East Broad Street in Room 105. Email: or visit their website at

How do I contact the Mayor's Office?

The Mayor's office is located in Rm. 201 at City Hall, 900 East Broad Street. The phone number is (804)646-7970. His website page is

How do I contact the Department of Public Works about trash removal on City Property?

Call the Department of Public Works to have junk, trash or debris removed from City-owned property at (804)646-0999. Check out their website for all of the services they provide including Weekly Trash Pick-up, Clean City Commission, Grafitti Removal, Leaf Removal, etc. at

What if I'd like to Recycle?

The City of Richmond has contracted with The Central Virginia Waste Management Authority for pickup of our recyclables. Pick-ups are made every other week on the same day that regular trash is picked up. To sign up for the program, contact CVWMA at 340-0900 or visit their website at For additional information about curbside recycling in Richmond, contact Billie Raines at

What if my home loses power?

Call Virginia Dominion Power's Outage line at 1-888-667-3000. For other information about Dominion VA Power, go to their website at

How do I contact Fire & Emergency Services?

The Department of Fire & Emergency Services is located at 550 E. Marshall Street, Suite 202, Richmond, VA 23219. You can contact them at (804)646-6663. Or, visit their website at

How do I reach the Job Information Hot Line for Employment in the City of Richmond?

Call them at (804)646-5900 or go to their website at

How do I contact City Council?

Our City Council representative is Bill Pantele and he can be reached at (804)646-6531 or you can email him at To find out about all of our City Council members, go to their website at

How do I research property in Richmond, Virginia?

To locate address-related information for City of Richmond addresses such as property assessment data, sale information, voting precinct, census tract, etc., go to

How can I find out about the Parks in the area?

Visit the Richmond Parks and Recreation website at

What are the laws concerning dogs in the parks of Richmond?

Go to for the specifics.

How do I contact Animal Care and Control?

To report any animal in need of assistance, call (804)646-5573. After hours or in case of emergency, call (804)646-5123.

Where do I look for a full list of City Services?

City Services are listed alphabetically on the City's website. Go to to get started.

Richmond City Service Phone Numbers in Alphabetical Order

Animal Control 646-5573
Community Assisted Public Safety (CAPS) 646-2277
City of Richmond citizens Assistance 646-7000
Crime Stoppers, Metro Richmond 780-1000
Dominion Power (Power Outage, Connection) 888-667-3000
Ditch Maintenance - Dept. of Public Works 646-7748
Emergency (Fire, Police) 911
Fraud Squad (Waste, Fraud and Abuse Hotline) 646-5697
Family Counseling 646-8976
Kim Gray, Public Schools Board Member 852-4427
Hazardous waste - Fire and Emergency Services 646-6660
Landscaping on City Property - Public Works 646-0999
Mental Health Center 819-4142
Miss Utility (call before digging) 800-552-7001
Parks & Recreation programs 646-5733
Police (non emergency) 646-5100
Richond Registrar/Voter Registration 646-5950
Sewage/backups - Dept. of Public Utilities 646-3000
Sidewalks on city property - Dept. of Public Works 646-0999
Signs/traffic - Dept. of Public Works 646-1470
Street lights - Dept. of Public Works 646-3000
Streets/potholes/pave/sweep - Public Works 646-0999
Taxes/personal property - Dept. of Finance 646-5690
Trash collection/missed pickup - Public Works 646-0999
Water/City/leaks/quality - Dept. of Public Utilities 646-3000