April 21, 2007 Clean-up and Beautification Day

Photos by Vicki Mollenauer

Thank you to all of you who came out to clean up and beautify Historic Jackson Ward. We had 26 Jackson Ward residents along with 10 volunteers from ACDC, Capital One, Philip Morris, Biotech, and RRHA. And, after the official Clean-Up was over, Officer Jim Woo of the Richmond Police Department brought out his two-man crew to take care of Duval Street. Free T-shirts were distributed to all Jackson Ward residents who came out to work. And, thanks to Bob Wheatley, we even had bottle holders for everyone so that we could work with both hands and still have water along the way. Thank you to Angela Wilkes for her generous donation of the water for the days' event. It was a gorgeous day, everyone worked diligently, and we had 78 orange bags of trash as well as a city truck full of alley trash by the end of the day. Special thanks to Liza for organizing and procuring everything needed to beautify the garden along Abner Clay fence. With her 20 bags of mulch and alot of weeding, that garden looks amazing! Also, thank you to Vicki for organizing the event. It was quite a success due to a team effort, and it sure was alot of fun too!