April 19, 2007 Clean-up Day

Photos by Vicki Mollenauer

Thank you so much to each and every one of you who came out this Saturday morning to clean up the sidewalks and alleys in our neighborhood. There were many new faces, and it was great to see everyone working together to make our neighborhood beautiful. Special thanks to Officer Todd Jones of the Richmond Police Department who came out on the Thursday before with a crew to clean up all of Duval Street. That made our job so much easier. Thanks to Bob for his delicious biscuits and to Steve for the wonderfully brewed coffee. Thanks to Bert and Ryan for the picker-uppers, to Liza for all her help in so many ways, and to Leighton for helping to keep things running smoothly from Abner Clay Park. This was truly a group effort; what a wonderful way to work together to show we all care!