This is Me!

My birthday is on October 29th, and I live with my mom in Fairfax, Virginia. I go just about everywhere with her and love it! I also love romping around in our big back yard, talking to the dogs on one side and chasing the cats on the other. I dislike thunderstorms and fireworks, but love walks, warm spots, doing exercizes with mom, and sitting on her legs when she's on the couch or under her lounge chair when she's out on the deck.

My Very Own Gallery

My official Christmas picture, Christmas, 2009

"Content" "Lounging" "Playing with Kayla"
"Sunny warm spot" "Man-made warm spot" "Blue jeans are great!"
"This is the Life!" "Minor adjustment" "Love my bandana"
"Adorable" "It's snow!" "Unbothered"
"Cuddling" "Short legs like deck" "In the garden"
"Bigger than me" "Enjoying aunt's birthday" "I can type too"
"Tell me more" "Looking good in red" Looks like me!
"He's really big" "Together, they're huge" "More my size"
"Hollywood Cemetery" "With mom" "Listening"
"Birthday fun" "I'm famous!" "The silly article"